Home delivery


We offer a free home delivery service for purchases of over €40!

Another historic service offered by AB as part of its care package to all customers is FREE DELIVERY OF YOUR PURCHASES, when they total over €60, to your home, office, or other destination of your choice and, naturally, at the time you specify.

Think about it! It is the perfect option especially when you are unable to go to the supermarket to shop, either due to lack of time or motivation, or because you are not feeling so good, or you are without a car, or because you have nowhere to leave the children, or if you live, say, on the third floor and the lift has broken down, or simply because you don’t feel like struggling to carry all those heavy detergents, bottles of water or soft drinks by yourself.

All it takes is a phone call, fax or e-mail and the delivery service will immediately process your order, making every effort to satisfy your requests. The store will call you prior to delivering your purchases, to establish the delivery time and method of payment.

Fill in your shopping list now!