Gift certificates


The most practical and enchanting idea for a gift. A trouble-free solution!!!

A quick and easy option that really works, effortless and with no sending costs.

A safe choice because:

Everyone appreciates a gift certificate (work colleagues, relatives, friends, etc.).

  • Easy for you since you don’t have to worry about whether the recipient will like what you have chosen or not and, of course…
  • It is a safe move guaranteed by ΑΒ
  • You save time easily and productively. The procedure is simple:
  • Decide on the value of the gift certificates that you want to give (different amounts for each one if you like) and we will issue them, in line with your requests.
  • A simple receipt can be issued as proof of purchase.
  • The holder can buy anything he wants from any AB store and pay with the GIFT CERTIFICATE at the till.

Gift certificates can be obtained from any AB store. To receive them, simply drop by at any AB, or phone our main offices (tel.: (+) 30 210 66 08 000), for any further information or clarification.